From Classroom to a Seat in The Cinema

 For the Central Abitur*, one of the mandatory English topics is “The United Kingdom in the 21st-Century: Self-Image between Tradition and Change.”  Other topics the students cover include Brexit, the British monarchy, and the consequences of colonialism.

Because plays and films are as just important as readings and newspaper articles, before the fall break grades 11 and 12 (Those in the first- and second-year qualification phases) decided to move their English class from the classroom and into the movie theater (theatre).

Shortly after school resumed, together both grades watched the film “James Bond 007: No Time to Die.”  Of course, they watched it in the original language.  James Bond embodies the dichotomy between British tradition and change, like no other.  While the students did delve into the content and the linguistic aspects of the movie, it was the cultural aspects which really took center stage.


*The Central Abitur is a written exam.  This exam is part of what is required to earn a diploma.