Advantages of MCG

Advantages of MCG

The advantages speak for themselves.


MCG is a secondary school at which every student is accepted and celebrated for his/her uniqueness.  Each student is recognized (recognised) for his/her strengths and supported in overcoming weaknesses.


10 Advantages of attending MCG:

  1. Our school is small and tight-knit.  Everyone knows everyone.
  2. No classes are cancelled unexpectedly.
  3. We aim for a smooth transition from elementary (primary) school to secondary school.
  4. We emphasize social skills and camaraderie.
  5. We foster a love for learning and educational excellence.
  6. Through individual attention, we strive to leave no student behind.
  7.    Our homework concept differentiates itself and  optimizes student learning.. 
  8. We believe in the importance of working closely with parents.
  9. We offer plenty of foreign-language learning opportunities.
  10. When problems arise, we tackle them head on.


Examination Dates
Exam dates are posted on the notice board for each grade.

Please be sure to check the board regularly, in case the exam classroom has changed due to the Corona virus.


St. Nicholas surprised the 5th-graders

On St. Nicholas Day the 5th-graders at MCG were treated to a melodic and yummy surprise! 

Students in Mr. Christoph Thonemann’s band class visited each of the three 5th-grade classrooms and played them several Christmas songs.  In addition, the School Association (In American, we call it the “Booster Club,” just FYI) gave each student a special sweet Christmas bread in the shape of a man, known as a “Stutenkerl.“  This school tradition goes back many years.  The hope is that by bringing in the band each year,  students will become more interested in music.  With the support of the Music Association, MCG is fortunate to have a music program wherein all 5th-graders can participate in the two-year program and take up either a string or a wind instrument.


Classes 6A and 6B E

Director of the Community Library, Mr. Duske, gave the classes 6A and 6B a tour of the community library.  After the tour, the kids browsed the shelves with the large inventory of books.  The kids were chaperoned by German teacher, Ms. Kruse.

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